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The Spectrum Art Prize had been launched to continue the charities' long-standing relation to visual arts.

Open to both established and emerging visual artists working in any medium, the award offers a 1st prize of £10,000, strong curatorial and PR support. With each of the 5 runners-up receiving a prize of £1,000.

Spectrum Art Prize - Eligibility and Art forms

The Spectrum Art Prize 2017 is open to all UK autistic artists or collaborative groups over the age of 18, whether they have an official diagnosis or not.

Your individual or collective work can come in any form. The prize is open to all media e.g.; ceramic, painting, drawing, animation, sculpture, web-based, digital, video, performance, publication, textile, proposal, print, collage and photograph.

The aim is to exhibit the most exciting and compelling work being made by artists on the autistic spectrum at the moment.

The prize is a selection process open to all adults on the autistic spectrum and encourages you to use a broad range of material and approach in its search for artistic innovation and excellence.

Your submission will be selected by a panel of art experts. The Spectrum Art Prize has been established in the full knowledge that the range and scope of work will be exciting, unusual and unique. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the form your art can take, there is also room for a short paragraph if you wish to explain your work.

Stages and Prizes

To enter the competition successfully, you must follow the online application process under the 'Apply' tab on this website.

It is important to note that it is not compulsory to add an 'artistic CV'. The Art Prize is open to all levels and ranges of experience, and the artistic CV is only an option for artists who wish explain their art further.

Once the deadline for submission has passed, the judges will undertake an intense selection process to select 6 finalists.

The 6 successful artists will be invited to meet with the judges to allow them to find out more about their work. Autism and art have so many viewpoints and forms, and it is up to the artist to decide how best they wish to present and communicate their work. If necessary, we encourage parents, family, carers and significant others to come and support the artists. We understand that we must arrange to suit the needs of each individual artist.

Once the winner and runners up have been selected, the judges will decide the best way to announce, display and publicise the winners and their work.

There will be a £1,000 reward for each of the 5 runners up and one 1st prize winner, who will receive a £10,000 reward and invaluable professional support from members of the panel.

Terms and conditions

All art work entered by you remains in your possession, but by submitting your art into this competition, you give consent for Spectrum to use images of your work to promote The Spectrum Art Prize, to announce the winners and runners up, and to publicise for any future events.

Key Dates

The deadline for submissions has now passed. This year’s Spectrum Art Prize is now closed.

Stage 1 selection
The 1st stage selection will take place during the summer of 2017. All successful applicants who make it to Stage 2 selection will be notified about the selector's decision during this time.

Stage 2 selection
Shortlisted applicants will be contacted about meeting with the judges once they have shortlisted.

Please see above 'Stages and Prizes' for more information on these stages.

Submission and formats

Online submissions only.

Optional submission of an artistic CV, this is not mandatory to enter the competition and available for those who wish to give additional background on their art and historic experiences. Applicants who submit their CV must do so in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

Digital Images
Applicants working in 2D or 3D media can upload a maximum of 6 images. (All images will be viewed on a high-resolution monitor or projection during first round of selection. It is important that the quality of the digital image is clear and of the highest quality possible).
All images must be JPEG format only. Other formats will be rejected by the submission system (no PowerPoint, TIFF, PDF, etc.) All JPEGs should be in RGB mode.

Film & Video
Applicants working in video/time should upload their work in one of the following formats; .flv, .mov, .mpeg, or .wmv.
Applicants may submit up to 3 pieces of video/film, each lasting a maximum of 3 minutes. Anything longer will not be watched. Longer works should be represented by an excerpt of three minutes, if your work is picked for 2nd Stage selection we will ask to see the full-length piece.

Please note music is not accepted for submission in this Art Prize competition.

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